Hello! I’m Katy.

I’m a twenty-something copywriter, content writer, blogger and social media manager based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. In true millennial fashion, I bloomed unapologetically into my current self online. From the days of impatiently waiting for the dial-up to connect so I could spend my days playing for points on Neopets, to the iconic MySpace selfies, to carving out a career in digital as I entered my early twenties, to now developing my own business online— through it all, I have witnessed and experienced the power of digital-first hand. It has brought me to where I am now— passionate about helping small businesses harness that power so they can allow their brand to bloom unapologetically online.

With a professional background in digital marketing, a love for all things digital and a life-long, unrelenting passion for writing, I can breathe new life into your brand. I offer bespoke content, copywriting and social media management services to refresh and elevate your business, and enhance your products/services.

When I’m not running my own business, you can usually find me travelling to a new city to see one of my favourite bands, tweeting, getting lost in a book, or scaring myself with true crime podcasts.

But enough about me. It’s over to you! 👋