What is a Copywriter and Why Does My Business Need One?


You might be asking yourself, “Does my business need a copywriter?”

The short answer? Yes, yes, yes— one thousand times yes.

And I promise you, I’m not biased.

Let’s delve into what a copywriter actually does and why I think you need one, like, yesterday…

First thing’s first: what exactly is a copywriter?

Before I go any further, let’s just take a second to make sure we’re on the same page.

No, a copywriter is not someone who works in copyright law (although, that is a common misconception).

A copywriter is someone who writes bespoke content primarily for marketing or advertising purposes. It is someone who carefully crafts the words that compel your audience to take some sort of action, whether it be to buy your product or service, sign up to your mailing list, download your eBook or follow your social media.

One commonly asked question is whether copywriters and content writers are the same thing and my answer is this: yes, and no. The ultimate objective of copywriting is to sell, whereas content writing is often less about selling and more about lead generation. If you are a copywriter, you may also comfortably refer to yourself as a content writer. Some writers may use the terms interchangeably, as I do.

When collaborating with small businesses, a digital copywriter may craft any of the following materials:

  • website copy (home page, about page, sales pages— the list is endless!)

  • blog articles

  • product descriptions

  • social media copy

  • email newsletters

  • …and so much more!

By now you’re bound to be asking— but why does my business need this? The truth is, bad copy can do a world of damage to your business. Not only can it negatively effect your online visibility, but a poorly constructed, complex message about who you are and what you offer can actually turn potential customers away and drive them towards your competitors. I’ll hazard the guess that that’s the last thing you want.

Good copy, on the other hand, breathes new life into your business and transforms your products and services. It steers your business forward with effective communication— it creates meaningful conversation around your brand, tells your story, lets potential customers know exactly what to expect from you, and most importantly, lets them know how your business, above any other, can truly benefit them.

Here are three important reasons why your business needs a good digital copywriter.

Copywriting is the backbone of your message.

Here’s the thing: a visually stunning online presence attracts attention, but it is strong copy that ultimately converts. Your copy is what evokes action— in order to effectively tell the story behind your brand and let your ideal audience know how your product or service can benefit them, you need strong copy to seal the deal.

Can you imagine if your sales page just included a pretty photo and a contact form? Newsflash: your visitors aren’t mind readers— you can’t expect them to understand exactly what you offer, never mind buy into it, without any effective communication.

Okay, sure, that’s an extreme example— but even too much waffle or meaningless jargon will turn away potential customers. A good copywriter will take the time to thoroughly understand your brand mission, as well as your target audience’s needs, wants and interests— and as a result, craft copy that not only answers their questions, but that is actually enjoyable for them to read.

It establishes your brand identity.

If anything is going to set you apart from your competitors, it’s having an authentic brand identity. Although undeniably important, this doesn’t just refer to your visuals, i.e. your logo, colour scheme or graphics. It also refers to exactly how you communicate with your audience, even on a microscopic level.

Personality, honesty and a genuine approach is what connects you with your audience and lays the foundation for trust and loyalty— and this is achieved through strong copy that carefully captures your tone of voice and brand ethos. From your home page to your sales pages, blog articles and social media posts— a clear and consistent message is ultimately what makes a lasting impression on your audience.

It brings in new visitors and tells them what to do next.

From static website copy to blog articles, product descriptions and social media content— therein lies a wealth of copy for search engines to crawl and, when done correctly, swoon over, making your website visible to the people who need it most. As a copywriter, I work closely with small businesses to craft compelling copy that is naturally optimised for search engines and resonates with their ideal audience.

What’s more, without copy, there is no intuitive next step. Like I said before, copy evokes action— without it, you risk visitors to your website clicking off because they don’t know where to go next, and they don’t want to have to spend time finding answers on their own. As a copywriter, I work closely with my clients to understand the user journey and carefully craft the words that influence that next step.

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What is a Copywriter and Why Does My Business Need One?

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